Week Forty of Your Pregnancy


Week 40 Info


Congratulations! Your baby is full term and ready to come any time. He's about 20 inches long and may weigh as much as 7 or 8 pounds. Due dates can be off a little so don't worry if your baby doesn't come this week. Many providers will offer an induction sometime between 1 and 2 weeks after your due date if there are no other medical conditions putting you or your baby at risk.

At about 41 weeks your practitioner may schedule you for testing to be sure your baby is still thriving and to keep an eye on her if your pregnancy continues. Usually this is a biophysical profile which consists of an ultrasound to measure the fluid around your baby and to check for the presence of several types of fetal movements that indicate your baby is healthy, and an NST or non-stress test. A non-stress test is monitoring of the fetal heart rate. By analyzing the pattern of the baby's heart rate over a 20-30 minute time frame, your practitioner can get a sense of your baby's well-being. Each of the features seen on the ultrasound and the NST have a score and the total score is used to make decisions about induction. If the score is low "possible due to low fluid" than you may be induced, if the score is seriously low than you may need an urgent c-section.

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