Week Thirty of Your Pregnancy


Week 30 Info


Your baby weighs almost 3 pounds now and is approximately 15 inches longs "like a head of cabbage".  He is very aware of his surroundings and his eyelids will open and close.  He will even look around and turn toward light.  Some light actually penetrates into the uterus depending on your surroundings and your baby will be able to see this.  He can also hear and recognize your voice.

Your baby will occasionally take naps throughout the day so don't be alarmed if your occasionally don't feel your baby move.  Many women report the most activity from their baby seems to occur just after dinner or just as they want to go to sleep at night.

The growing weight of your baby is putting increasing strain on your body now.  As your belly sticks out more your back will want to arch in compensation and your center of gravity will shift forward.  Hormone changes will make your ligaments more lax and joints looser.  This will increase your tendency to low back pain and make you feel out of balance and clumsy.  Don't forget that maintaining good posture, taking exercise classes and gentle stretching can help, too..  The relaxation of your ligaments can also cause your feet to spread permanently so you may have to invest in some larger shoes.  You may be feeling a little more tired these days as sleep will be more uncomfortable as well.  Use pillows between your legs, under your belly and between your arms for support.

The mood swings you experienced earlier in pregnancy may be coming back.  It's normal to worry about what your labor will be like and whether you'll be a good parent.  If these feelings become more of a problem, making it difficult to function or causing difficulty in your relationships, talk to your doctor or midwife.  About 1 in 10 expectant moms battle depression during pregnancy.

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