Week Thirty-nine of Your Pregnancy


Week 39 Info


Your baby continues to build his layer of fat under his skin to control his body temperature after birth.  He already measures 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds.

Your practitioner may be doing cervical exams at your visits now that your due date is near.  They will be checking for cervical changes that will indicate ripening.  Many providers use a Bishop's score to help quantify their findings on the exam.  They will examine five separate features of your cervix.  These include softening, effacing "thinning out", dilating "opening", station "how low the baby's head has dropped into the pelvis, and how far forward or back your cervical opening is located.  The higher the score the more "ripe" for labor you are.  Unfortunately, this information won't tell you when labor will happen.  You could be barely dilated one day and go into labor the next or 3 cm dilated and not go into labor for another 2 weeks.  The information is helpful, however, if some medical condition with you or your baby would indicate that you should be induced and how successful an induction would be at this time.

Continue to pay attention to your baby's movements by doing kick counts each day.  Let your provider know right away if you notice decreased fetal movement, leaking watery fluid "even small amounts", if you have heavy bleeding or if you have strong regular 1 minute contractions, 5 minutes apart for at least an hour.

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