Week Six of Your Pregnancy


Week 6 Info


Body - Many women find that the nausea begins to intensify at this point.  Although we traditionally call the nausea of pregnancy "morning sickness" many first time moms will soon learn that the nausea or vomiting of pregnancy can hit you any time of day or night.  And for some unlucky moms it is constant.  We call the condition of severe nausea and vomiting of pregnancy "hyperemesis" and it can be severe enough to land you in the hospital and cause you to lose large amounts of weight.  Luckily, even though moms with this condition are miserable, it is usually short lived, often resolving by 16 weeks, and the babies do fine.

In general, small frequent snacks go down much easier than large meals .  Don't torture yourself with trying to always "eat right".  Nibble on anything that might sound good and has a better chance of staying down.  At this stage it is more important to avoid dehydration.  If you are having trouble keeping liquids down stick to very small frequent sips, even by the spoonful, and if you ever find that you can't even keep that down and your frequency of urination has decreased call your physician to discuss the possibility of treatment for the dehydration.

Recommend -Make appointment to start prenatal care.  Checkups during your pregnancy can help prevent serious problems for you or your baby.  Good prenatal care for your health and for your new baby's future health depend on you.

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