Week Fourteen of Your Pregnancy


Week 14 Info


Your baby's measurement from head to bottom "or crown-rump length" is 3 inches, about the size of a lemon, and he weighs 1 ounces.  During this week your baby's developing more and more brain impulses which are sending out signals to all areas of his body.  His facial features will show these new impulses by squinting, grimacing, frowning and possibly sucking his thumb.  His kidneys are beginning to produce urine which he then releases into the amniotic fluid.  He'll continue this cycle of peeing into the fluid, swallowing the fluid, and then processing the fluid into urine again until birth and by the time he's near term most of the amniotic fluid is made of baby pee.

His body shape is changing more with his body growing faster than his head which will slowly give him a more proportional look.  His arms will grow more this week and become more proportional to the rest of his body as well but the legs will have some more lengthening to do.  You won't feel it yet but your baby will be getting more and more active as his hands and feet become more flexible.  A few women might be able to feel a slight fluttering sensation from their baby's movements, also called quickening, but on average most first time moms don't feel their baby until 18-22 weeks.

His liver will start making bile this week as it processes his wastes and his spleen will start helping in the production of red blood cells.

Now that you are in the second trimester you will start noticing a lessening of some of the more unpleasant symptoms of the first trimester.  Your energy may be improving steadily and your nausea episodes may be less frequent and less intense.  Many foods that you couldn't stand to smell even though they used to be your favorites, might stop sounding appealing again.  You may find it easier to eat those "healthy foods" that you couldn't even think about in your first trimester.

Start thinking about a prenatal exercise class or beginning a more regular exercise routine if you haven't already.  Many people have just been too exhausted during their first trimester to even think about exercising so now that your energy is improving it's a good time to take advantage.  Be enrolling in an exercise class that is more specifically for pregnant women you will have the advantage of meeting and bonding with other pregnant women who may be going through similar experiences and discomforts.  Some good examples of prenatal exercise classes include prenatal yoga or Pilates, water aerobics or walking groups.

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