Week Eight of Your Pregnancy


Week 8 Info


Body - You may still not look pregnant but you may notice a thickening in your waistline and pants may begin to feel tighter.  You will definitely feel pregnant though as for many women this is the peak time for morning sickness and you may be feeling the mood swings kicking in.  It's very common to feel like you are on a roller coaster of emotions, one minute excited about your new baby and the next terrified about becoming a parent.  Most women find that moodiness flares up at around six to ten weeks, eases up in the second trimester, and then reappear as your due date looms near.

Baby - Measures approx. 1".  Arm and leg buds forming.  Small dots for eyes, ears and nose.Body - Minimal changes in body weight or shape.  

Maybe you've noticed some weight loss, if you've been experiencing lots of morning sickness.

Hang in there, and remember to stay hydrated!  Contact your OBGYN, if you feel you're symptoms are extreme.

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