If it's time to start thinking about college for your child, and let's face it, it's never too early... Then you're in the right place.  Marie Morris with Beyond18  has help with all of your questions.

Hi, I'm Marie. 

I graduated from Cal State Fullerton  with BA in business administration and a concentration in marketing.  For almost 10 years I worked in sales in the Bay Area and Portland.  After the birth of my twins, I "retired" and started a new career:  parenting!  As my children headed to grade school I volunteered extensively on all types of projects, including serving as an elected member of Local School Committee.  In 2000, I went back to work as an instructional assistant teaching reading at the elementary school level.  All grades, kindergarten through fifth grade.  As my twins started their junior year of high school in 2007, I became concerned(obsessed, neurotic) with the whole college application process.  After all, I had 2 to deal with at once!   I ended up resigning from my job and committed myself to learning and researching everything I could about colleges, scholarships and gap years.  I volunteered regularly at Beaverton High School in the college and career center.  At some point, my name was being thrown out as the one to talk to regarding college and gap years.  That was when I got the idea that maybe there was a need to help other parents navigate the college process. Kevin and Megan graduated in 2009. I spent the next 6 months creating a business model, based on research and my own volunteer and parental experiences. I launched beyond18, LLC in January 2010.  I have continued to mentor students at Beaverton High School through the Aspire program for the past three years.  I have also sat on scholarship committees at the high school, am an active member of the Booster Club and served on Local School Committee.

My third child is currently a high school junior, dragging his feet in the college search process!

Marie at

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