Who is Didi Zahariades?

Didi Zahariades. MA is currently a Psychotherapist, Teen Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Executive Coach. Over the last five years, Didi has received her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Lewis & Clark College; further developed her counseling skills at Kaiser Permanente, joined the Monster Making it Count Corporation as a Motivational Speaker for high school students and continued to build her private practice, Coach to Win.


Didi has joined Parenting Today as an expert and Teen Coach.

While working with high school students, Didi found a passion for assisting teens in personal growth and development. Parents and teens recognized her intuitive ability to relate to this age group and communicate in a manner which resonates with the average 14 to 22 year old. Today Didi’s teen clients are focused on a variety of issues such as: time management skills; personal motivation; improving grades and overall GPA; development of interpersonal communication skills; college and high school graduation; as well as relationship issues.

Didi believes her success is based on a focus of structure as well as direct communication. She enhances the life of her clients with integrity, ethics, and real life experience combined with an enthusiastic, positive attitude which has allowed her to bring out the best in this young audience. As well as educate parents who may have difficulty keeping up with the latest teen trend.

As a graduate from The University of Iowa, Didi originally pursued a career in marketing and public relations. By the age of 30, Didi was a Vice President for a publicly held technical staffing firm. Throughout her advancement, she continued to find her highest achievements were connected to her ability to motivate others.