Two month old

2 Months Info

Two Month Old

By the time your baby is two months old, you will be getting into the routine of the well-baby check up at your pediatrician's office.   Most doctors schedule visits at two weeks, one or two months (sometimes both), 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.  It may seem like you're going to the doctor quite a lot even though your baby is healthy, but these visits are extremely important.   Pediatricians are looking for normal growth and development, signs of illness, and may recommend immunizations.

These visits are also a good time for you to ask questions, so come prepared.  Write down things that may be troubling or perplexing you about your baby.  Ask about the things you should be looking for in your baby's development.

At two months, your baby, whether breastfed or formula-fed, should be sleeping four to six hours straight during the night.   Nap times, in the late morning and in the afternoon, should not be your baby's main resting periods.  You may have to wake your baby from a nap to ensure he is getting more restful nighttime sleep.  Each baby has its own sleep routine.  One may fall fast asleep an hour after waking in the morning, and another may not sleep until after a second or even third feeding.  Together you and your baby will find a routine that's right for you.

Babies are still hungry about every three to fours hours.  You should expect three to six wet diapers, but stools may not happen every day.  This is not cause for alarm.

Your baby is developing muscle control and may be lifting his head, putting his hands in his mouth and possibly, rolling over.  This is unlikely because of his lack of coordination, but you should always be on alert should your baby manage to roll over.

You may be able to make your baby giggle at this time.  There should be eye contact and the ability to track moving objects. 

If your baby develops a fever of 101 F or higher, or if the baby's breathing becomes labored at any time, call your doctor. 

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