Six month old

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Six Month Old

Who knew such a little baby could have such an "eagle" eye!   If there's a crumb, a piece of dirt, a dog toy left on the floor, your baby will find it!  Even if your baby isn't "scooting" yet, they seem to get around.  Now is the time to childproof your home.  Your cleaning supplies should be completely out of reach, electrical sockets covered, and anything that baby can pull down from a table, shelf or window sill, should be removed.

Your baby can be quite noisy now, too.  Sometimes they just like to hear themselves yell.  You may also notice that your little angel has a temper.  Try distracting your baby if he becomes agitated.  Most babies at this age are sitting up with some assistance.  Your baby is now completely capable of sleeping through the night.  But, if your baby is still waking up during the night, do your best to soothe him back to sleep.  Giving in and feeding will only reinforce those nightly disruptions.

Your baby may be drooling a lot as the teething process can be starting.  You may also start introducing solid foods.  Rice cereal once a day is good start.  As you move to pureed foods, introduce only one new food every three to four days.  That way you can watch for allergic reactions. 

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