Dr. Julie Rosenzweig, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.

Kids and Sports; Pushing too soon/too fast?

Video Transcript

Kids and sports; Are you pushing them too soon and/or too fast?  Dr. Julie talks about what parents need to be aware of:

    It's really important to remember, we're seeing this a lot more, if you push kids in the sports too early, especially competitive sports, they're starting to burn out at a really early age.
    We have kids that were pushed into competitive sports at a really young age of 5,6,7 and they're wanting to completely pull out of competitive sports, you know in middle school and not participate in high school sports which are probably some of the most important times to participate in sports.
     It's your school team and most sport  memories are made than.    So, parents really need to become aware of the high burnout rate the kids are going through and the tremendous pressure that they feel.
     If the priority is given to sports, over family activities, over other types of activity, it really sends the wrong message to your child.
     So have your priorities straight - where family always comes first, homework and school performance needs to come second, so that the earliest that sports can come in on the priority list is really third.
    So, set you're priorities and stick with them.

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