Didi Zahariades, MA

You must have THE Talk!

Yes this is 'the talk' and the fact that most of you knew exactly what I was talking about means... this is important!  The talk I am referring to is a discussion about sex!  In our very busy world, it is easy to completely forget about this discussion or consider that you have missed the opportunity; both are great excuses yet neither solve the problem.  Even if your child is already a senior in high school, the discussion of sex is very important.  Your child is going to roll his/her eyes and quickly tell you that they know and do not need any additional info from you.  Although this isn't up to the child... it is up to you. 

Do you know if your child is having sex?  Ugg... I know this isn't something you even want to pause and consider but it is something you need to know.  Ok you may never actually know, but at least you must ask.  You also have to consider if your teen is using protection.  Another subject you wish just went away, but since a one year old is NOT going to go away either, this is a conversation you must have with your teen!  The sooner the better... please don't let another week pass without having a personal conversation with your child. 

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