Where's my Nintendo DS?

How did we survive the long car trips when we were little?

  I always had to sit in the middle of my two older brothers and we didn't have Game boys, DS video games or portable movie players..... or any kind of computer for that matter.

  I'm not sure how we entertained ourselves for hours on end.  So the other day my kids and I hit the road for a trip to grandma's house.  The minute we pulled out of the driveway, the video players were on, and we were off.  How can this be???  All I could hear were tiny little beeps or music from their head phones every now and then.  Wow, this is truly a parent's dream come true.

Their heads barely looked up except for one stop for food.  It was all awesome until we arrived.  The kids jumped out of the car and ran into Grandma's house.  It was only later that I discovered the tangled cords, headphones and mini games everywhere in the backseat.  What a mess....  So guess who lost their nintendos for the last couple of days?  That's right... I want them to learn to take care of these expensive toys.  Now you know what the real problem is?  The kids were upset, but they moved on.  Now I think I'm missing those little Game Boys and Nintendos even more than my kids do..... I miss the quiet..... the peaceful moments.... Oh but I'm not crazy, the toys will be back and charged up for the long trip home. 

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