Didi Zahariades, MA

What are your Summer Expectations?

If you are on the west coast, school is starting to wrap up and if you are on the East Coast you are in the swing of summer.  This means the days are care free and the responsibilities of your teen are up for grabs.  Often I hear parents say, "Well he's going to have to get a job!"  Ok, does he have a job?  If not, then what are your teens responsibilities this summer?  Does he get to sleep in?  Stay out until 2am?  Have friends over?  Drive the car every day?  If you haven't discussed the expectations of your home this summer, now is the time.  Often teens do what they do because no one has specifically told them not to do something.  It sounds crazy but if you haven't discussed exactly your expectations of your teen, then make the assumption that your teen is running on his/her own rules.  Take Saturday morning and equip yourself with anything and everything that may come up this summer and pre-plan a discussion with your family.  Teens are often great about meeting your expectations, but if you don't set any then this could be a very long summer!

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