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Take Time for You!

Ok so often I write my post for the better understanding of teens by their parents, yet  the focus is about the teen.  Today it is about the parent!  I just returned from an excellent conference in Long Beach with Maria Shriver and the theme, ‘It’s Time.’  Gosh isn’t that the truth!  Regardless of what this means to you, it has to speak to you.  I’d like to focus on the idea that ‘It’s Time to take care of You!’

I am a firm believer that life balance comes from checking in on the 3 basics:   exercise, diet, and sleep.  If your teen is acting out of sorts, unable to complete homework, in a crummy mood, or just being difficult, checking in on these three areas of life can be a great starting point.  So, now I ask you --- as the role model for your child, “How are your three basic areas?”

Listen up Mom if you aren’t taking the time to get exercise in your day because you don’t have the time, surely you realize that your teen will use this as an excuse as well.  (Of course it doesn’t matter that you have a job, a house to keep clean and organized, and more people depending on you than any teen --- he/she doesn’t see any of this!)  Your teen sees that everyone else is more important than you, in turn what can this be teaching your child?

Next up, how’s your diet?

Interestingly the word ‘diet’ has become much more of a verb than a noun.  This isn’t referring to dieting, I mean literally slowing down and looking at what is on your daily diet.  Are you eating what is best for you?  If the answer is no, then make a change today.  It doesn’t have to be drastic, but it does have to be healthy.  After all, your family needs you to be healthy and live a long, prosperous life.  This will not occur if you are overweight and under exercised.

Have you considered how much sleep you need?

As an adult this isn’t a question most of us consider, yet it is one that needs to be discussed.  If you are getting to bed after everyone and waking up before everyone else, there is a problem.  Sleep is the one time that your body has to catch up and replenish.  As a parent it is necessary for you to replenish you!  After all, who has time for a nap?!

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