Didi Zahariades, MA

Summer TIME and Teens

So we are in the home stretch of summer and with over a month left of sunshine and ‘no school’ what is your teen doing with his/her time?  Interestingly, I speak with teens daily that are ‘hanging out’ and literally doing nothing.  And most often these are the same teens that I am working with on improving grades and social interaction during the school year.  Is there a similarity?  Honestly I’d have to say yes.  It doesn’t mean that your teen has to be in summer school to perform well during the school year, but if he isn’t involved in anything --- outside of getting up by noon --- then the school year is going to be tough.  It takes 21 days to make a habit, which then translates into a full month of school before your teen is going to be ready to get up in the morning, complete homework, make it to all of their classes, and get to bed on time.  Does your teen have a month of school to waste?  --- Alright doubtful, but if your teen is lounging away the summer it is important to get her involved with SOMETHING before the summer ends.  This is when you can think out of the box and that SOMETHING may be doing things around the house, joining a gym, picking up an art class; although your child may act like doing nothing is how he wants to spend his time… it’s doubtful.  I speak with teens every day that tell me they are ‘bored!’  The reality is that no one wants to be bored, so assist your teen in discovering what he/she can do with their time this summer.

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