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Set up Parental Expectations

Welcome Back to School!  Can you believe it?  It is official; summer is over and fall is here.  This really hit me this morning as I was driving and leaves suddenly flew into my car… I’m not even sure when they started falling?  Well this is September and as always it just kind of drops on us; somewhat similar to the school year.  After a care-free and easy going summer, there are now 6:30am alarms, 2 hours of homework, sporting events, and everything else that accompanies school.  With this in mind, have you discussed your parental expectations this year?

Oddly enough, most families do everything asked of them from the school, the coaches, after school programs, teachers and anyone else with a request.  But how often do you slow down and meet with your family about your expectations as a parent?

For example, if this is freshman year… what does that mean to your child?  And, does your child know what you expect from him/her?  This is not a good place to assume nor is it a time to be reactive.  Set your expectations with your kids this week!  Don’t wait until the “C” comes back at midterms to discuss that  you expected a “B”.  Kids, regardless of their age, are looking to their parents for guidance.  This guidance needs to begin this week… give your child the opportunity to meet your Expectations!

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