Holly Shannon, M.A.T., Elementary School Teacher

Rules of the Road & Rules of the Classroom

Ahhh, a gorgeous and warm fall Sunday afternoon beckoned me to the road for a drive. Curving to the left, then to the right, my SUV hugged the road nicely…and a little too quickly. I felt that all-too-familiar sinking feeling as a cop eased out of his hiding spot and turned his lights on behind me. 


My record of being pulled over 4 previous times, with no ticket all 4 times, was quickly shattered as the cop happily wrote me my very first speeding ticket. I didn’t even attempt to get out of the ticket. I was going 15mph over the speed limit, and I clearly earned my first ticket. 


My very first speeding ticket not only served as a reminder that I too, like my students, must follow rules, it was also a perfect writing topic! My class delighted in hearing that their teacher must follow rules of the road, or pay the consequences, and they loved watching me sketch my story, then add words for our writing lesson. 


Granted, I’m not thrilled that I need to pay a $190 ticket for speeding. But, the fact that I was reminded to follow rules, much like my students follow rules every day, was quite humbling. 

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