Holly Shannon, M.A.T., Elementary School Teacher

Miss, Ms. and Mrs.

During my writing mini-lesson, the children were gathered at my feet around the easel, and we were exploring how to write a letter to someone.  I started to write ‘Mrs.’ when

one student piped up and asked, “Why is there a ‘r’ in the middle of Mrs?”


Immediately I recognized this was an awesome teaching moment….what a perfect opportunity to explain and explore the differences among the 3 forms of addressing women. I wrote ‘Miss,’ ‘Ms.’ and ‘Mrs.’ on the easel.  “Miss,” I described, “is what you call a young lady or a woman who isn’t married. “Mrs. is used for women who are married. Ms. is used for…” but before another word could squeeze out of my mouth, a student piped up and shouted, “Oh! I know! ‘Ms.’ means it’s none of your business!”


Hey, she’s right. I had nothing left to teach on the subject, and burst out laughing instead.

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