I'm Ready For Chirstmas Break To END!

So, I guess it's more, I'm ready to be back on schedule, more than wanting the break to end.

Which, I have to say, I don't understand - because when we're on our regular weekday schedule - It's chaos!  Busy, running from here to there - and back again! 

We've had a great break... family, friends, presents - time together... time to relax and stay in our pj's a bit longer each day ;-)

But, as we spend so much time away from the pace of life we've created for our family, I realize, our heavily scheduled days are comfortable for us...
Now, 'one size does not fit all' - Each family, each kid - needs something different.
 Mine (family & kids) needs to be involved in many activities -in and out of school-.

So, although I'm still not fond of packing lunches, stressing about running late, racing from here to there (and back again!)...
Realizing that I actually miss it on our 'days off', is a good reminder to appreciate it... because how many times have we all said, 'It goes WAY TOO fast.'

Happy New Year to you and yours - Much happiness and prayers for a fabulous 2010!

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