How did you Handle It?

This is your chance to get it off your chest!  Better yet, let others learn from your experience and teach us why you handled a situation the way you did, or did not.

Come on!  You know you've had one.  Now is the time to share.

We're supposed to always be on our 'best behavior'.  
The 'grown-ups' know how to play nice, - to show the kids how to be polite and all get along…

Maybe.  Most of the time anyway.  But, once the kids start school, play sports or do anything that brings another adult into their life - INTO YOUR LIFE, sometimes things can get a little awkward.

Is his/her teacher making you crazy?  Did you confront him/her, or just wait it out?
Is his/her coach a real jerk?  Do you pull your child off the team?  What did you do?
Was it over politics?  Religion?  Something really important like a birthday party?

Or, maybe you let that 'nosy mom' have it one morning at drop-off, to get her to back-off.

Share with us your uncomfortable situation(s) - and how you resolved it…

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