High School Juniors: Don't Procrastinate!

High School Juniors:  Don’t procrastinate!


If you have a high school junior in your house, it’s time to get started on the college admissions process.


Here are some things to be thinking about over the next several months:

·         Stay focused on your academics.  If you plan to apply early action or early decision, grades from the junior year will be the most recent grades on your transcript.

·         Review senior year courses.  Keep up the rigorous load.

·         Continue to stay involved in extracurricular activities, consider a leadership role.

·         Sign up to take both the ACT and SAT this spring.  ACT tests knowledge and SAT tests reasoning.  Some students will do better on one than the other.  And if you need to retake, there will still be time next fall.

·         Register and study for AP tests and SAT subject tests if applicable.

·         Attend college nights and financial aid presentations at your high school

·         Talk with your family about price, location and size of different colleges

·         Research colleges that may seem of interest, many have virtual tours at their websites

·         Create an initial list of schools, include “dream” schools, “match” schools  and “safety” schools

·         Attend the Spring College fair

·         Schedule some campus visits for long weekends and spring break


Many of these topics will be discussed in detail in upcoming blogs.

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