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Grades - What do you expect?

I have a secret to share with parents.  It is a bit shocking, so I hope you are sitting down... Your teenager can get good grades.  It is that simple.  Although your teenager may have convinced you that achieving anything better than a D, in history class, is impossible.  Your child is lying.  I know you are ready to hit the delete key and stop listening, but I encourage you to read on.  A teen will lie when it is easier than telling the truth.

High school is not structured for the perfect student.  Classes are not created to flunk 90% of the class; truthfully most classes are meant to pass all students and allow for a mix of superior to ok students.  I believe it would be difficult to find a high school teacher who is planning on having a class full of failures.  Keep this in mind when your child comes home to tell you that the teacher is so tough, doesn't understand, assigns too much homework, or has favorites.  Your child has a choice to do, or not do, his/her homework.  What choice is your child making?

The next, much more important question is, 'What do you expect?"  A teen is wise in deciphering what you will and will not accept.  If you will accept their excuses, that is what you will get.

I ask you to take a moment and look at your teen's grades today.  What are they?  Are there assignments that can still be turned in?  Is there hope for some extra credit?  Has your child talked to his/her teacher about his/her grade?  It is only April so there is most definitely time to make a change in your teen's grades, the only question is ---- What do you expect?   

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