First Day of School...Already?!

Our kitty cat Lola thought we were crazy for getting up so early and bouncing around the house, she likes the slower pace of summer.  I'll have to admit that I thought it was early when the alarm went off this morning but quickly noticed it was because it was 5am.  My nervous soon-to-be 6th grader set her alarm so she'd have several hours to get ready for the first day of middle school.  Yep, today was the first day of school, and the official notice that summer is over.  She had started a mini fashion show of her new school clothes before I could even make coffee.  We decided on a pink camo skirt with layered tees and a pink and brown hoodie with horses on it and tried to reassure Lola that our erratic morning was normal, or at least it would be for the next ten months.  Kaden's not the kind of child who backs down from an adventure and no one has ever accused her of being shy so I was surprised that she was so nervous.  We talked as I brushed her hair and I reminded her that she used to not be able to talk or walk or even hold her head up so she should assume that she could do this....noooo problem!  She gave me that look like whatever I said did not count since she knew I was her biggest fan.  But by the time her Dad and I were shaking hands with her teacher and leaving the classroom Kaden was all smiles and with her friends (that she was certain would not be there).  He said the same thing he says every year, "We did good with her, she is amazing" and I gave him the same look she'd given me in the bathroom.   Here’s to summer ending and a new school year just beginning. 

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