50 Memories of my Mother

I'm a mom now, but I'm still my mother's daughter...Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

1.)  I’m 5 and sitting at the counter at Sanders restaurant eating mashed potatoes and chocolate milk.  I haven’t seen Vernor’s ice cream anywhere else.

2.)  Blue curlers.  I used to be embarrassed by them.  Then, my 15 month old daughter wanted them in her hair. 

3.)  Watching her plant petunias around the lamppost every Spring. 

4.)  Sunday pot roast.

5.)  Coffee, coffee and more coffee.

6.)  Watching her laugh so hard at an episode of “Cheers” she fell off the couch

7.)  Saks.  Bonwit Teller.  Jacobsen’s.  Nordstrom’s.  Her sense of style.  Simple and elegant.

8.)  Abounding love between her and my father

9.)  Art books, Architectural Digest, Vogue, People

10.)  How I broke her heart the day I moved West.

11.)  Her house, her canvas.

12.)  Rod Stewart.

13.)  Slow dancing with my father at my wedding

14.)  How she lights up around sister, Gloria

15.)  Cranbrook Academy of Art. 

16.)  Because of her, we know art & beauty

17.)  Not particularly fond of exercise.

18.)  Dinner?  Sure!  Where?

19.)  A nightly glass of Chardonnay.

20.)  After 50+ years with Hank, she called him “my guy”.

21.) The sound of her voice when I gave her the news I had a daughter of my own.

22.)  A good golf swing.

23.)  Knitting?  Needlepoint?  Crocheting?  No way…

24.)  “Spirited Discussions” with my father about current events.

25.)  Shredded a teacher to bits that publicly humiliated me.

26.) Could sport a bikini at 50.
27.)  Watched the Wizard of Oz with me every year.

28.)  Scrabble.

29.)  Everything neatly folded.

30.)  Her voice and spirit defy her age

31.)  Words of wisdom when I needed them most

32.)  She was a real trooper to go camping on those Florida holidays

33.)  Every Monday for 30+ years, volunteering at the hospital

34.)  Vanilla ice cream with lime and coconut – for the Bridge Club

35.)  Quite literally, tearing the shirt off my brother’s back because it wasn’t fit to be worn

36.)  Watching she and my dad watch golf

37.)  Her courage when she had heart surgery

38.)  Her delight in pretty things

39.)  Her trusty side stroke in swimming

40.)  There is only one person in the world with handwriting like that

41.)   Fun dinner parties

42.)  Letting me spend Sunday mornings watching Shirley Temple movies

43.)  Going to church for her kids’ sake

44.)  I love the story of how after her 6th baby, the nurses thought it was her 1st  because...

45.)  …my dad always brought her an orchid after the birth of each baby

46.)  C’est la guerre!

47.)  Her hugs can be felt over the phone from thousands of miles away

48)  Before Caller ID, she could answer the phone with your name – how DID she do that?!

49.)  She always sends pretty cards

50.)  She could take a name like Geraldine Agnes and make it snazzy by calling herself Jer.

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Posted 10 Years Ago WOW ! What a wonderful list of memories, your mom sounded like quite a gal ! Thanks so much for sharing her with us, it brought tears to my eyes.

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