Storage!; Childs art work

Here's one moms ideas on storing - or trashing - you childs' artwork.

- Let the kids help decide what stays and what goes. It helps to

know which pieces they care about.

- Weigh each piece's significance or eye appeal. You might keep

children's art that exemplifies a particular age, a significant

change or is simply really good.

- Set aside limited storage space for arts and crafts. For

example, designate a large box for each child's work. Have the

children revisit their creations once or twice a year, eliminating

some. Long, under-the-bed containers work well for storing

drawings, too.

- Designate a "gallery" at home where framed art can be

displayed. Hang as much of your children's work as you like - it's

your house, and theirs.

- Take pictures of the projects you're not going to keep.

They'll be immortalized but won't take up space.

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