Holly Shannon, M.A.T., Elementary School Teacher

School's out - Playgrounds are open!

School’s Out… Playgrounds are Open!

By: Holly Shannon

Summer’s in full swing…..swimming, camping, biking and barbeques.  This is a great time to try out playgrounds around your neighborhood or town.  After dinner, take a walk or hop in the car and let your children explore new and different playground equipment.  Not only is this a completely free family activity…but it allows your children to test out various playing skills.  It’s important for children to get lots of exercise and practice their fine and gross (large) motor skills during the summer. By introducing your child to new playground equipment, your child will constantly be challenged to develop new physical motor skills.

Playing on playgrounds allows your child to develop her gross motor skills and keep P.E. skills from the school year fresh.  Running, skipping, hopping, jumping, climbing, swinging, and spinning are excellent exercises on and around playgrounds. 

When I was in grade school, my mom continually scouted out new and different playgrounds for me and my sisters.  We’d giggle, climb, run, slide, swing and be delighted with new adventures outside of our own neighborhood’s playground.

We often think about helping children to continually read and write during the summer, but physical education skills are equally important for growing a child’s coordination, confidence and strength.

Forget expensive toys……take your children to the playground for Physical Education skills and summer fun!

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