My child has no homework yet….what should I do?

Relax. These are the first weeks of school for your elementary school child.  He is learning school rules, making friends, listening, and trying out new concepts in many subjects.  When he gets home after an entire day of school, he’s probably exhausted.
But, of course, as a caring, responsible parent, you want to do the right thing….right? You might be thinking, “Shouldn’t there be homework by now? What can I do to help my child?”

Here are a few easy and fun ways to help your child at home…even before he or she receives homework.

1.    Ask specific questions about your child’s day. (Open-ended questions are difficult for children because it is hard to remember the day’s activities once she is home.) Try asking directed questions such as: Did you have music, PE or library today? Did you play a new game in P.E.? Did you read by yourself today or with someone else?  These questions will help you know how your child is filling her day.
2.    Read with your child! Take turns, read to your child, have your child read to you…it’s all good. Even before your child has official homework, time spent together reading is always wonderful.
3.    Play familiar games. Family favorites, such as memory, Old maid and checkers are perfect for activating parts of your child’s brain that may have been a little sleepy over the summer.  Setting the scene that homework time will be fun will help set your child up for success for the school year. Your child will know that his family is supporting him and will be available to play homework games or help with projects.
4.    Play school! Helping your child reenact parts of her day with her stuffed animals, paper, and art supplies will give your child time to process lessons from her day.

Remember, the school year has just begun.  You, your child, and your child’s teacher are beginning to lay down the foundations of a great school year.  Help your child get into the homework habit by setting up a predictable schedule of daily homework. Until your child has actual homework, try some of these activities and set the scene for fun and learning together.

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