Introducing Sports To Your Kids

Gymnastics and football have more in common than you think; both take grace, strength, and 3 year-olds. Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation (THPRD) offers many introductory sports classes such as gymnastics.

In the Gymnastics Skills class, the kids learn all the basics such as forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and they learn to listen to directions from a different person other than their parents.

The classes are inexpensive and at the end of the nine weeks, they’ve had a ton of fun together and while they may not get gold medals, they are very happy with the certificates of achievement and suckers.

THPRD also offers an “Introduction to Sports Programs" where they learn some of the basics of flag football, soccar, basketball, etc. This program gives them a good start in life, just knowing how to move in space, where they are in relation to other children.  It gives them a chance to play with different things.  Try things they’ve never done before.  It gives them social interaction for the first time, gives them a chance to get some good exercise, and it keeps them moving for the full 45 minutes.

Starting early in sports and exercise programs now will help your children stay fit for life.

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