In Search of Fatherhood


In Search of Fatherhood

A Mother Lode of Wisdom from the World of Daughterhood

In the winter of his 52nd year, as his career was unraveling, Kevin Renner had a series of wakeup calls that altered the course of his life. One concerned his daughters, then nine and thirteen. He sensed that his time with his older daughter in particular was running short, and that as a father he had much left to instill before their time together was up.


But what did fatherhood require of him in the time that remained? What, he wondered, do daughters truly need from their fathers? What mistakes do fathers make, and what does that leave daughters longing for as women? What does extraordinary fatherhood look like from the vantage point of womanhood?


Armed with a digital recorder, the author set out to explore the father-daughter stories within 50 women from around the world.

In rich, deeply emotional conversations, these women brought to life how their fathers endure within their hearts and souls and how they were shaped by their fathers’ presence—or absence.


Young and old, rich and poor, well known and anonymous, these women became guides on the author’s journey into fatherhood as the life he had known was coming to an end. These are their stories. And his.


Kevin Renner set out on a journey to inform himself as a father, and ended up on a mission to inform fathers and daughters across the globe. In the course of his work he heard heartbreaking stories pointing to the urgency of the need for better informed fathering, while many of stories he heard help point the way forward.


A former business journalist, Kevin went on to a career as a marketing manager and global marketing executive. Since 2009, he has worked as a management consultant, author, mentor, speaker—and father. Like fathers around the world, he has struggled with, and delighted in, raising daughters. He studied social sciences at The University of California at Santa Cruz and received an MBA from The University of California at Berkeley.


The book is available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor,,,,, and other retailers.



“If you read one book about fathers and daughters, read this one.”


Betsy I. Davenport, Ph.D.

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