Football and Drinking; Gang like mentality?

We put our kids into sports to help build character.  Teach teamwork and responsibility - and, oh ya, have a good time.
But could the activities YOU'VE signed your son up for be setting him up for bad behavior?

A new study (which is based on the responses of 13,000 kids in high school) finds boys who are involved in team sports are more likely to engage in risky behavior - like drinking, smoking and fighting.

One expert says this may happen because the boys may develop a 'gang' like mentality from the team.  They become a family, right?  So, if one person is behaving badly, the rest may/could/will follow?  Hmmmm. 

At least there's good news for the girls involved in team sports.  There are fewer rates of depression, marijuana use and smoking.

What do you think?

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