Concussion; Does your child have one?

Basketball, football, even on the play ground - if kids are being kids - then they're taking risks, and a fall could happen.  But we worry.
"Wow!  That was a bad fall/hit on the head.  I wonder if he has a concussion?"

Well, maybe start with this new, quick and easy test - as a first step - to figure out if your child does have a concussion.

Put an object in front of them, and let it fall.  Have your child try to catch it... and judge his or her reaction time.

Researchers say, if they're too slow to catch the object - then a concussion is likely.

Your doctor will warn you, if your child has a concussion, they should take three weeks off from activities.

***Always, always check with your child's pediatrician if you have any concerns**

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