A Safari Dream Room for your Children

Our children spend a lot of time in their rooms, especially as they get older and want more independence.  Creating a great room for your children to spend time in can be one of the really “fun” things you do.  What can be more satisfying that surrounding your child with positive images and happy memories in their own room.

We found a family that hired a mural painter and they created an amazing safari dream room.  Their children, two boys, loved jungle animals and wanted to be surrounded by them every day.  This also happens to be a theme that will grow with the boys over time. 

If you are going to consider painting a mural on the wall, choose a theme or idea that will grow with your child.  There is nothing worse that having a 10-year old boy surrounded by baby Mickey or Pooh.  Themes that grow well for boys are sports and transportation themes.  Girls always seem comfortable with floral, hearts, and princess type themes.

When you are hiring a professional, be sure to review samples and pictures of their work to determine that their style will be acceptable to you.  Talk about your ideas and concepts and ask for a rendition or sample from the artist of what they plan to do in your child’s room. 

Ask the artist about a price range for completing the mural and how long it will take.  Don’t hesitate to ask the artist for references and call them.  You want to assure that prior clients had a positive experience with the artist….did they go over budget, did they complete the project on time, etc.

Local area paint stores, friends, neighbors, and children’s furniture stores will usually have information on mural artists, or samples of their work.  Street of Dreams events sometimes offer great examples of mural artists’ work.

After the paint is dry, don’t forget to carry out your theme with fun accessories like lamps, rugs, themed linens, stuffed animals, picture frames, chairs, toy boxes, etc.  These fun accessories will bring it all to life and personalize everything for your child.

This is also a project that you can do with your child.  Children love working on a project together with you, especially something as personal as “their room”.  Whatever you decide on, have fun and enjoy the process.   Think about all the happy dreams that you are going to inspire.

For More Information Contact:

Art Collections by Frankie, Muralist
Frank Haddadin
(360) 885-2209 phone/fax
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