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Your nine year old is now a focused problem-solver! She may not exhibit it much at home, however. Her room may be a mess. Her table manners not refined. But, she does know how to clean her room and use utensils, she just forgets now and then.

She is less likely now to blame others for her mistakes now, and will confess her wrongdoings because her conscience is now more developed. She makes friends easily and is a good friend to others.

Having a daily schedule is still very important to the nine year old. Share the family's plans and even schedule her down time.

Removing privileges is an effective discipline at this age, as long as the child perceives the punishment as "fair". Fairness is very important to the nine year old. She is sensitive to criticism and embarrasses easily.

Her appetite should level off and her interest in food may be expanding to include cooking and baking. Try to encourage the benefits of healthy choices.

Many children start to have nightmares around age nine. Most are due to general anxiety or frightening images such as violent behavior, accidents or tragedies. It's best to limit and monitor their television viewing and video game time.

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