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Your eight year old is just as concerned about his clothes as he is homework! He (or she) may be showing a growing concern about appearance and popularity at school. This is normal, though it may seem too early for you as a parent.

Your eight year old may want to start earning money for extras, so put him to work! An allowance works best if tied to responsibilities.

Keep the channels of communication open with your child. Family meal times can be the perfect opportunity to ask open-ended questions about his day. Continue to be involved in what he's learning, and what's happening at school. If you have the opportunity, volunteer at school and get to know his teachers.

Try to plan a physical activity everyday for your child, but don't overload his schedule. After school, allow your eight year old some downtime before tackling homework. And, don't be surprised if you see your child reading for pleasure!

You may notice a jump in your child's appetite at this age. It's especially important to discourage sweets and offer a lot of healthy choices at meal times and for snacks.

Eight year olds tend to exhibit a "know-it-all" attitude and hate to be called out when they're wrong. There may be meltdowns, reminiscent of an earlier age, without much warning. He is eager for guidance at school and at home, and is still concerned with right and wrong.

Disciplining an eight year old is most effective if there's a lesson to be learned. Teaching him why his behavior was inappropriate and how to make amends will have a lasting effect compared to attempts to control his behavior.

Though he may resist, a bedtime routine is still important. Your eight year old requires no less than 10 hours of sleep every night.

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