7 Years Info

Your seven year old should be developing a sense of humor. She may love to tell jokes and act silly to get a laugh. Honesty may still be a concept she is grasping, while she is very concerned about rules and good vs. bad.

Schedules are very important to seven year olds. They understand the progression of time and should be starting to read a number-faced clock. She should also be able to memorize her address and phone number.

Morning routines are as important as bedtime routines at this age. If getting to school on time is an issue, post the morning routine and the times on poster board to help your child keep track of what is expected of her. At night, a toy and a flashlight may be comforting if your child is starting to show a fear of the dark.

Responsibilities around the house can be expanded, including pet care, helping in the kitchen, the laundry room, and the yard.

Her sense of taste is changing, so this may be an excellent time to introduce new, healthy foods. If she has rejected some fruits and vegetables in the past, try again now.

To encourage your student, show a real interest in their daily learning. Continue to read to each other and play games that help with math and language skills.

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