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Independence takes a leap by age six. Your child will now be, or will soon be, bouncing a ball several times, throwing and catching, riding a bicycle, skating, and tying her shoelaces. Of course, not all of these things will be on your list, but they should be close.

Your young student should be counting past ten, printing his own name and know his left from right. Basic reading skills should be practiced at home as well as at school.

Chores are also fine to institute, if you haven't already. He should be starting to care for his own belongings and cleaning up after himself.

You may notice your child is very tired in the afternoon. Make sure he is getting at least 11 hours of sleep every night. Be consistent with the bedtime routine, including on weekends.

Your child should be eating 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. A serving size at this age is about 1/4 cup or one piece of fruit. Limit sugary snacks and juices and offer plenty of water during the day.

Wetting the bed occasionally may still be an issue. If you are concerned, talk to your pediatrician.

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Posted 8 Years Ago Is anyone else having issues with friendships at this point? My six year old son is already very opinionated about play-dates. Who he wants them with, and who he doesn't. Think that's okay, or should I be insisting on time with everyone? One boy in his class has requested MANY playdates and my son keeps telling me no, he doesn't want to have one. It's getting awkward with the boys mom for me. Thanks for advice.
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