5 Years Info

Your child is skipping around the house, singing the Alphabet Song, and finally learning to share! She should be playing with other children now and have an understanding of right and wrong, fair and unfair. She should also understand taking turns.

She should be eating a well balanced diet and drinking no more than 16 to18 ounces of milk per day. Limit sugary snacks and drinks and be sure to offer your child plenty of water during the day.

Most children, (75%), wake up dry at age 5. This may seem like a dream, but for most children it just takes time. If it's still a problem, limit the amount of liquids your child drinks before bedtime. If your child is wetting the bed every night, talk to your pediatrician.

Bedtime routines are still crucial at this age. Be sure your bedtime ritual is a pleasant one that includes brushing teeth and reading stories.

If your child will be starting kindergarten, she should know how to put on and take off her own coat and shoes without assistance. She should also be able to go to the restroom and wash her hands on her own.

Learning to ride a bike is a glorious rite of passage for kids. It gives them a sense of independence. Be sure you also teach them bike safety, including wearing a properly fitted helmet at all times.

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