4 Years Info

"Why?" You are probably hearing that word A LOT! Curiosity about everything is quite normal at this age. Children are learning at an incredible pace and are becoming more independent. He will still need your guidance and reassurance, but will also insist on doing things himself. He should be able to dress and undress himself without help; recognize colors confidently; count; and sing songs. Television time should be limited at this age, and violent images avoided. Continue to offer your child a healthy, balanced diet. Sugary drinks and junk food shouldn't be part of it. Most four year olds should be potty trained. Accidents at night are not uncommon, but if they persist, talk to your pediatrician. If your child continually gets out of bed to sleep with you, quietly and firmly place him back in his own bed. Keeping your four year old engaged in new activities will help him figure things out. It could be a trip to the museum, or walking a new trail. Remember, it you're bored doing the same thing, your child is, too. Keeping him surrounded with other children his own age is important for his social development. A daycare or preschool environment can be ideal, but a park or community center offers benefits as well. Be sure to have clear consequences for bad behavior, and now is the time to teach your child about stranger danger.

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