2 Years Info

Your toddler's motor skills will continue to develop at a rather fast pace.  He can or will soon be successfully kicking a ball, running, throwing, and walking backwards.  He is opening doors, cabinets, closets and washing and drying his own hands.  He should be using utensils to eat at his age, drinking out of a cup.


His vocabulary should be accelerating with around 20 words including some two-word phrases.


His growth rate will be slower now and he may not eat as much.  Continue to offer him a variety of healthy foods.  Include your child in family meal times.  Remember food should be cut up into bite-sized pieces to avoid choking.  He should no longer be on a bottle at any time, day or night! 


If your child is no longer in a crib, expect a little, late night visitor. If you don't want your child to sleep with you, walk him back to his own bed, without talking if possible.  Do this as many times as it takes for him to remain in his own room.


Your two-year old may be showing signs of real interest in using a potty chair.  If so, this is a good time to start the potty training process.  Praise your child if she goes in the potty, but don't punish her if she doesn't.  This interest may be die quickly as most children are successfully potty trained at 3 to 4 years of age.


Reading to your child is an important at this age.  It will engage her in reading and will help increase her vocabulary as you point and identify pictures together.  Playing with your child is a great for both of you, but she should play with other children in her age group as well.  You will hear the word, "Mine" a lot, as children are still grasping the concept of sharing.


The term ‚"terrible two's" may be relevant right now.  Setting limits is extremely important at this age to teach them appropriate behavior and to keep them safe.  Rewarding good behavior with stickers or stamps is a good way to reinforce what you expect.  Time out, away from toys and other distractions, is a good corrective measure at this age.  A general rule of thumb for time out is about one minute per year of age.

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