18 Years Info

18 year olds are generally on top of the world.  They're graduating from high school and preparing for life outside the home.  He may have nostalgic feelings about his school, siblings and friends.  He may be in a relationship and spending less time with groups of friends.  Include his love interest in family events, if appropriate.

He should very much resemble an adult.  He's filled out physically and intellectually is a critical thinker.  He may have a "know-it-all" attitude at times and act superior in his knowledge of political and social topics.  Have patience.

This can also be a time of insecurity if he is undecided on furthering his education, joining the military, or jumping into the workforce.  Your input and support is valuable, but nagging will not help him make the best decisions.  If college is in his future, help him prepare for this new, independent life.  And, don't be surprised if he tries out a variety of majors, lifestyles and careers before committing to one for any length of time.

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