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Driving often marks an important "coming of age" for your 16 year old.  Is he ready to get behind the wheel of an automobile?  Were you?  Even though it is legal for your teen to get a driver's permit and ultimately a driver's license, he must have parental consent.  You decide if he is ready or not.  Many studies show that teens are choosing (or their parents are choosing for them) to delay their driving privileges until an older age.

Giving your teen responsibilities however, is important.  It will help him prepare for adulthood.  Chores around the house, babysitting, and involvement in clubs, teams or groups will help him understand that other people are counting on him.

Physically, your sixteen year old is now nearly full grown.  Most girls have reached their peak, but some will continue to grow until age 18 or 19.  Most boys have had their growth spurts, but many will continue to grow until about age 21.  It can be a challenge to maintain authority with a child who has outgrown you by a foot, and outweighs you by 50 pounds.  Try to listen to his problems and issues, show interest in what he's interested in, and speak to him respectfully.  Try not to argue with your teen or lecture him too often.  The results will not likely be positive.

Friends will continue to rule his world.  He may be preoccupied with the opposite sex, and constantly worrying about his appearance.  Studies in the U.S. show half of all 16 year old boys have had sex, and 25-percent of 16 year old girls have had sex.  Peer pressure is intense, not only about sex, but about experimenting with drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  Be very clear about the rules, consequences and your expectations.

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