15 Years Info

This age is often a time of Idealism.  She may take up causes and participate in community and school action groups.  Support from her parents will be important at this time, even if you don't agree with her views.

Being a member of a group will be extremely important to her, whether it's a sports team, a chess club or a clique.  She may be looking for a way to identify herself with her affiliations.  Friends, not family, will be her main focus.  Some teens are beginning to date at this age, and it's up to you to set the ground rules.

Of course, defying the rules is one thing that defines the teen years. Teens often demand independence, and may even say they don't need you.  But, they are not independent of their peers, and peer pressure is intense at this time.  Your teen may do things she wouldn't do normally, just to "fit in".

Try to stay involved with your teen and her friends.  Have talks regularly and ask open-ended questions. Also, remember your sense of humor, you'll both need it.

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