14 Years Info

Schoolwork is requiring more complex thought from your teen.  This can cause increased anxiety and self-esteem issues if he's unable to keep up with his classmates.  Being familiar with his teachers and class work expectations will allow you to help him stay focused.

Your teen will also have an intensified sense of right and wrong.  He may sometimes make choices that are intended to shock you, especially if he's craving attention.  This could be displayed in his clothing, hairstyle, and music choices.  Praising him for making good choices (like adhering to curfew, completing chores and homework) will reinforce the positive behavior.

Peer pressure may lead him to do things he wouldn't normally do.  He will be experiencing pressure to experiment with drugs, alcohol, tobacco and sex.  Good communication about these issues is important.  Share your thoughts and expectations even if you don't think your child is being tempted.

Mood swings are lessening by now and your teen is better able to verbally express himself.  If you do not find this to be the case, look for warning signs of depression, including feelings of hopelessness, frequent crying, withdrawal from family and friends, and constant fatigue.

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