12 Years Info

Congratulations, your child is now an "early adolescent".

Boys are catching up to girls in facing many of the physical and emotional changes of puberty.  Their voices are changing and they may be growing facial hair.  Girls are growing breasts and menstruating.  

Communicate with your child about the changes he is experiencing.  He may be excessively concerned about how others view him, and will spend a lot of time on his appearance.

He may have friends who are how are starting to "date", or are talking about the opposite sex in terms of girlfriends and boyfriends.  Talk to him about your feelings on relationships and how intense they should or shouldn't be at this age.  

This is the time when your child may begin to exercise more independence.  He will want to make his own decisions about friends, sports, school, and other interests.  At times, he is mature and confident yet, he can be readily influenced by peer pressure.  Boundaries must be enforced, and expectations made clear.

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Posted 10 Years Ago As the Mom of a 12 year old Boy... here's what's going on in our house:

xbox, wii and TV
Yep, hair is growing, we are wearing deodorant, but we don't seem to care about our appearance, shorts and a tee shirt, socks optional are the dress code.

Girls are still very icky, (big sigh of relief here). And forget about having the "sex" talk, he just hold's up the hand.

He is defining his friends. And is is more specific about what he wants and likes.

I am loving every minute of it. Life is good.
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