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Friends, peer pressure, and puberty: three things that will begin to influence your eleven-year-old child.  

Her friendships will be stronger as she becomes more independent from the family.  She will begin to see herself as a different person with her friends than when she's with you.  It's important that you know her friends and ask her questions about them.  Don't underestimate the emotional importance of her friendships.

Boosting her confidence is important at this time.  It will help her face negative peer pressure.  Also, help your child in developing her own sense of right and wrong.  Make sure the rules are clear and be consistent with discipline.

For girls, puberty is approaching and they are becoming more aware of their bodies.  Eating issues can start to develop at this time.  If you notice signs, such as excessive exercise, or refusal to eat meals with the rest of the family, contact your pediatrician.

It is not too early to have "the talk" with your child.  Tell her your feelings on love and relationships.  Talk about the importance of respecting herself and others.  Answer her questions truthfully and accurately.  Not all 11 year olds will want to hear sexual details, so you judge how much your child can handle at this age.

Schoolwork is becoming more challenging for your child.  A daily routine, as well as a defined space in the home for homework, will help her stay organized.

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