10 Years Info

Your ten year old is showing self-confidence and pride in his work. He's enjoying life more, intellectually, psychologically and socially. He's confident in school as he starts to master various subjects and skills. To foster that confidence, be sure he does his own homework.

Homework may be heavier now and it's important he knows his responsibilities. Having a quiet time and place set aside for homework will help him complete it. He manages his time effectively for the most part, and takes responsibilities seriously (except for chores).

He may need constant reminders to bathe, and brush his hair and teeth. He should have more likes than dislikes now when it comes to food. He should be more adventurous in trying new things and will still be interested in cooking.

The ten year old is relatively happy and stable, but doesn't handle his anger well, and may even become violent.
There may be a lot of stomping off and slamming doors. He may yell at you in anger, and contemplate getting even with those he perceives to have done him wrong.

It's important to encourage your ten year old to verbalize, and not internalize, his feelings. Discipline should include a plan to solve the problem your child is having with you or others. He simply lacks the maturity to do it on his own.

Schedules and routines are still important, including a set bedtime to provide for about ten hours of sleep.

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