12 Months Info

Your baby has gone mobile! He may not be walking yet, but should be pulling himself upright and getting around with the help of furniture, walls, and toys. Your baby may even run before he walks! If crawling is still his preferred mode of transportation, don't worry. It may be a few more months before he's comfortable walking on his own.

Put whole milk on your grocery list if you are no longer breastfeeding. If your child is drinking soy milk or has dietary restrictions, ask your doctor.

Many parents and doctors believe the one-year milestone is the time to stop using a bottle and switch entirely to 'sippy' cups or straws. The consensus is, the longer you bottle feed, the harder it will be to wean your baby from the bottle.

Your baby will be babbling and saying small words like mama, dada, and doggie.

Babies at this age love to play games. Stacking toys, shape sorters, balls and push toys are just a few of the things he will enjoy. Just remember that EVERYTHING will end up in his mouth, so make sure nothing is small enough to be choked on or swallowed. Continue to keep your baby on a routine.

They thrive on regular nap times, meal times, bath times, and bed times.

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